Dr Kim Ritman
Chief Scientist, Federal Department of Agriculture

"Doreen helped us with the organisation of the 2014 Meeting of G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists. This was an event with a very high international profile which required the highest level of polish to ensure that Australia was shown in the best possible light on the global stage. Doreen's excellent attention to detail and many years of experience ensured that the whole event proceeded smoothly with delegates describing the meeting as 'perfect' and 'seamless'.

Doreen worked especially hard on the official dinner for the meeting which was a showcase of the results of Australia's innovative agricultural system - our world class food, wine and fibres. She worked with a large number of industry representatives to bring together an event which was the absolute highlight of a week of international agricultural science events. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Dr Brendan Shaw
CEO, Medicines Australia

"....The management of the events was highly professional and seamless. I have received a great deal of positive feedback regarding the organisational aspects of all three events and the outstanding behind-the-scenes management provided by your company was clearly a key factor in their success.

Those as Medicines Australia who worked with you on the Forum and Conferences very much appreciated the hard work and dedication you displayed throughout the long, and at times challenging, planning processes. The commitment and creativity you displayed in helping us overcome some difficult budget challenges was especially appreciated."

Ms Megan Cahill
CEO, General Practice Education and Training Convention

"....GPET great appreciates the knowledge and experience you bring to our events and the positive working relationships you have developed with our staff and stakeholders. Your expertise and professionalism in the coordination of the event and surrounding satellite meetings is an asset to GPET and the Convention Committee."

Mr Erich Janssen
CEO, General Practice Education and Training Convention

"....your enthusiasm and professionalism is an asset to GPET and the Convention Committee ... and GPET is grateful for the ongoing service and assistance you provide."

"....your contribution and attention to detail is an asset and GPET is grateful for the ongoing service and assistance your provide, the result of which was another fantastic event."

Dr Ross Cutler, President
16th International Pig Veterinary Science Congress

"Doreen Culliver worked tirelessly and at times at great personal risk and cost, to make the meeting a marvelous success." ...... "Lots of things make a meeting a success but the guidance Doreen offered together with her skill and capacity was the pre eminent contribution. Our best strategic decision was in our decision to retain her as the conference organiser."

Dr AK Sutherland OAM
AVA Annual Conference, 1995

"We did appreciate your unfailing kindness and efficiency. Your hard work was rewarded with the best organised conference I have attended - and my first was in 1938."

AVA Victorian Division - 2004

"... would like to thank you for your wonderful achievements over many years. The many successful conferences over the years are a testament to the dedication and extraordinary contribution that you have made."

Mrs Barbara Horsfield
CEO, AVA 2000

"The AVA Board passes on their congratulations for a most successful AVA Conference in Perth. The Board appreciates the difficulties you faced ahead of the conference and is pleased that your usual excellent organising skills ensured that the conference was enjoyed by all participants."

Dr Trevor Faragher -2004
AVA Victorian Division

"..and it has been a great pleasure to work with someone like you Doreen, someone who is highly competent, unfailingly courteous and for whom no detail was too much trouble or left undone. You are the essential reason why AVA conferences have progressed from success to increasing success....."

Dr Michael Banyard - 1994
President, AVA National

"The AVA conference held in Canberra, 6-11 March 1994 was a resounding success......We have received more letters of appreciation and congratulations on this conference than any previous event...."

Dr Chris Robinson
AVA Annual Conference 1996

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the organising of the conference, it was amazing. In all the time there I did not hear one single complaint from anyone about the running of it all. On the contrary, everyone I had contact with were profuse in your praise under the very difficult circumstances you encountered with the huge over involvement. It all seemed to go as smooth as clockwork but I know it was mostly due to your "work"...."

Dr Robert Baker - 2001
President AVA National

"..I would like to thank you once again for organising an excellent conference. The venue was very good and everything worked well. It was the best AVA conference I have attended".